Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Rug Hookers in Shell, WY

 We finally couldn't take the separation any longer and met in Shell, Wyoming for the first time in quite awhile. It was SO good seeing everyone who could make it and we truly had a wonderful day. 

Catherine Butterick, a Region 10 ATHA member, gave all of Region 10 a challenge to use our worms. Worms are the strips of wool already cut for a project and not completely used up. What we all found is the the worms actually seem to reproduce as you are using them. Our piles didn't dwindle much. I think I could use my worms for a very long time. 

This is Debra's second Challenge Rug using worms. I love the way this turned out!

This is the first rug Debra did for the Challenge. It is a Woolley Fox Pattern and certainly one of my favorites!

The project Debra worked on is this large Christmas bag that she drew the snowman on and hooked with a hoop. It is so darn cute!

Jan, who is a new rug hooker, is working on her second rug. I believe she will be done for Christmas. She added a border to her pattern.

Patty was working on a Woolley Fox pattern. She used a plaid that magically made the design in the vase! She has a real knack for using plaids.

I started the top for a wooden box I bought for the ATHA 2022 Biennial fund raiser. I'm using all leftover worms for this.

This is my first rug for the Worm Challenge. It is a pattern by Susan Quicksall. I'm beyond happy with how it turned out!

This is a Janice Johnson pattern called My World. I had a wonderful time learning what works and what didn't in the background.

Seeing everyone was so much fun and we are getting together again very soon. TAKE THAT VIRUS!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Rug Hookers in Shell WY

The weather was great for our trek to Shell, WY Saturday. It turned out to be a social event for a couple of cross stitchers. We had a record number of rug hookers too, 7 of us!
 Debra has been busy with other tasks and hadn't hooked since our last meeting but she got more hooking done Saturday.
 Patty started this floral Baa Ram Ewe design. It's a nice spring design to be working on.
 Patty used a wide cut on her adorable antique chicken. I love her colors!

I finished my Ipswich by Woolly Fox. It is one of my favorite rugs. I hand dyed a lot of the wool for this one.
Faye wasn't at the meeting since she is snow birding in Arizona, but I have to show her Fall Guy by Woolley Fox. She did an outstanding job!
All in all it was a beautiful ride to Shell and a truly fun filled day.

Monday, January 13, 2020

First meeting of 2020

We met in Cody at the Park Co Library on Saturday and we had three women who have never hooked with us come. I can't tell you what a blessing it was to have them.
Emily Keith hooked the pillow and wall hanging. She lives in Ten Sleep on the Big Horn Mountains and she hooks her view. We met her when we were demonstrating in Thermopolis WY and she later bought one of my Cheticamp frames. Getting to know her has been so much fun.

 Here is Liz, who is hooking for the first time, Emily, the above artist and Scotta. Liz and Scotta came all the way from Billings MT to hook with us and it was SUCH a pleasure to meet them.
 Patty is hooking her rooster in a wide cut. It is turning out so cute!
 Patty finished the rug she started at Prairie Rose Rug School. It is absolutely stunning!
 Since Patty was taking pictures of everyone else I found another picture of her to post. We can't leave out the photographer!
 I dyed both fabrics for my Coverlet from Old Tattered Flag. I copied the idea from Barb. I know which granddaughter will probably get this but I have to make some other grandkids rugs first. She got the Eiffel Tower I did awhile back.
 Here are me and Debra, busy hooking away. Everything I did on my rug I took out Saturday night and started again Sunday morning. I tend to do that a lot but I am always happier with the results.
 I have had this Kim Nixon footstool pattern for awhile now and decided to get it finished. I dyed all the fabric except for the background and had a blast hooking it. I need to make the stool,
 Debra is working on this adorable snowman from Spruce Ridge Studios. She even has a little paisley pocket that a felted snowman fits into. I believe the tree is going to be dimensional too.
Laura came too and as usual, we didn't get her photo but it was such a pleasure to have her there. The three new ladies hooking with the rest of us made it one of our most inspiring days!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

December Rug Hooking in Shell, WY

The Wild West Rug Hookers met in Shell, WY for December. Patty, Jan, and I were the only ones but we sure had a great time! Jan finished the first rug she started 7 years ago and started another one. She has such a busy life that I'm not at all surprised it took her that long to finish. I hope we get to see more of her!

 Barb couldn't make it but she sent a picture of the rug she is working on. I just adore her colors!

 This is Jan's 7 year rug. It may have taken awhile but it turned out wonderful!

 I (Sylvia) hooked Kris Kringle from Woolley Fox. I hooked his coat in paisley shawl. This went so fast!

 Then I started Keith Kemmers Merry Christmas Time. I chose the large one. Again, I used a paisley shawl for the coat. It is a different one but they sure look similar.

 Patty is almost done with her large rug she started at Prairie Rose Rug School in August. It is even more stunning in person. Such a beautiful job!

I hooked a snowman from Barb Carroll's book to stuff. I'll hang a bell from his hat and add twigs for arms.

We always have such a wonderful time. I can't get over how blessed we are to have such a positive and uplifting group.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 2, 2019

November Rug Hooking

The Wild West Rug Hookers met in Cody at the Park County Library this month and we had a blast, as usual. One of our newest members drove all the way from Billings, Montana to visit and hook with us and we are so happy she did. Thank you Barb.

Barb made this adorable Christmas rug, her first! She is such a fabulous rug hooker.

 This is Barb's version of The Old Tattered Flag's pattern hooked with hand dyed fabric. The photo doesn't show how amazingly beautiful this rug really is!

 Debra finished her pumpkins from Woolley Fox. I love her little crow.

 Debra also finished this large Woolley Fox Stocking. It is just wonderful!

 Patty is moving right along with the rug she started at Prairie Rose. It's just so pretty!

 Sylvia finished her Theresa Rapstine runner. It is hooked in a 10 and matches the pillows she hooked a couple years ago.

 Sylvia finished her Halloween rug by Trish Travis from her kit she got in Denver at the ATHA Biennial.

 She also finished two pillows she had started earlier. Both are filled with wool snippets.

And last but not least Sylvia hooked this adorable Too Many Cookies she bought as a kit, which was such a great kit, from   https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBeeTheBear. On his backside he has a pocket with a candy cane.
Our Christmas meeting will be in Shell WY. I hope you can join us!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Saturday Rug Hooking in Shell, WY

It is always such a great trip when we go to Shell, WY to hook. The scenery is always beautiful and so is the company.
 Debra worked on binding her Old Blue Flowers, designed by Theresa Rapstine. Debra hooked this beauty with hand torn strips. As always, she does such a fabulous job.

 Patty was working on her Star rug she started at Prairie Rose Rug School with teacher Ingrid Hieronimus. Patty's hooking is always so perfect. I just love how this is turning out!
 I, Sylvia, finished the House and Horse designed by Theresa Rapstine. This rug is 36"x92". It is HUGE. I hooked it with torn strips. Katie Hartner Color Planned this rug. I am so happy with the way it turned out. I will be binding it for a few days!
This is a kit I, Sylvia, got from Katie Hartner, Woolley Fox, at our Hook-In in Shell where Katie vended. I worked on the binding and it is now on my table.

It was a beautiful day and as always it was a perfect day in Shell, WY

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Rug Show at the Big Horn Mountain Hook-In in Shell, Wyoming

Here are the rugs in the rug show in Shell, WY. I have to include the sign the campground had up when we got there. I don't remember who made them all so I will post the names of the ones I remember.
 Valerie Begeman did this Atkinson design and changed it up. It doesn't show her little sheep at the bottom.

 Peg Carpenter finished this beautiful Iris while she was at the Hook-In.

 Betty Dahlin designed and hooked this incredible story rug.
 Sylvia hooked this Woolley fox design
 Sylvia Gauthier hooked this Theresa Rapstine torn strip design.
 Debra Inglis hooked this wonderful Woolley Fox design.

 Here is the sign at the Campground. We were the talk of the town!
As I find out who hooked what rugs I will add their names to these outstanding rugs!