Sunday, May 5, 2019

April's Hooking at the Library

We had a great time hooking at the Library, in Cody. Patty, Debra, and I met to discuss upcoming events like the Shell Hook-In, which is filling fast. Don't forget to sign up. The cut off date is July! You can find a brochure on this blog or our Facebook page Wild West Rug Hookers.  We are also focusing on our 2020 Rug Camp with Cynthia Norwood, which will be at the Irma Hotel in Cody, WY. Again, brochures are available on our Facebook page under the Files section. Cynthia has decided to come out of retirement to teach for us in Wyoming and we are honored and thrilled. This could be your last chance to take a class from a Rug Hooking Icon of this caliber.

Patty completed the stool she designed for her niece.

She used the Cindy Gay template for the Ikea stool for the outline. Patty even used brands from local ranches and 4 different horse silhouettes around the sides. Her colors are perfect and I love the mixture of colors in the background. It was a wool called Big Top. 
Patty is also so smart. She bought a stool from Ikea, had it shipped directly to her niece and only has to ship the cover. I was very impressed she thought of that!

 I worked again on my heart pillow by Maggie Bonanomi. I changed up the heart and started on the background. This is my traveling project because I have started using the Cheticamp frame I made and I absolutely LOVE it. I will post my finished big rug soon.

Patty was working on a pillow by Nancy Gingrich. The wool on the outside of the flower was so amazing that Debra and I ordered some right then and there. I love technology. It is called Funny Girl.  
Debra has been needle punching lately and this Spring pattern is wonderful. She is such a talented woman!

We will meet in Shell, WY at the Shell Church on Sat. May18th. It is going to be a fabulous time so if you can I hope you can join us!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wild West Rug Hookers Rug Camp 2020

It's never too early to think about next summers Rug Camps. We would like to invite you to join us in a 5 day hooking class taught by the renowned Cynthia Norwood. Last year most of the women brought their husbands to our historic town and their families had as much fun as they did. Feel free to contact us about this fabulous opportunity!

March Rug Hooking in Shell, WY

Meeting in Shell is always a great day of  making rugs and wonderful conversation, not to mention the landscape, beautiful drive, and deer outside the windows.

 I showed my bag that was a Susan Quicksall pattern and kit. I know I've shown it before but since it's my new purse it was automatically there.

 Debra finished her Susan Quicksall pattern and kit for her Texas Bag. She did such an incredible job, as always. I absolutely LOVE this design and I can't wait to see her carrying her bag when it's finished! 

 Patty finished her Bea Brock design and it turned out amazing. Bea is another Texas designer! Texas sure has amazing rug hookers! It's beautiful Patty. She started it in Cody, WY at a class in the historic Irma Hotel, taught by Carrie Martin. The class in 2020 will be taught by Cynthia Norwood! We are so excited to have her come to Wyoming! I hope you can make it too!

Kelly brought her adorable chicken. This is her first rug hooking project. Kelly is such a fun addition to our group.

 And here is my rooster Roscoe. I had a blast hooking him. The design was a download from Aspen Rug Designs.
Laura brought her rug braiding and she gets out without a picture! I will have to make sure we get pictures next time!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

February Rug Hooking

Our group met at the Library in Cody, Wyoming and we had two finished rugs to show. Debra finished her two cats that she started a few years ago. Katie Hartner from Woolley Fox helped her with the color plan. Thanks to a new wool from The Wool Studio she had just the right shade of pink for her bottom flowers. I absolutely love this rug!

I finished my Clover rug designed by Theresa Rapstine. The flowers a a little more muted than they show here. I used torn strips for the first time and I LOVE the look it gives. This is the cushiest rug I've ever made. I'm making her a companion right now. A purple rooster!

Debra started her Texas bag from Holly Hill Designs. It is absolutely stunning already and I can't wait to see it finished! 
 I needed find something small to work on so I drew out Maggie Bonanomi's heart. I'm going to take the light pink out. It's amazing what you see in a photograph.
 Patty is so close to being done with this rug designed by Bea Brock. It was a bit overwhelming when she received the pattern. Carrie Martin simplified it for her and helped her color plan when she taught at the Irma last summer in Cody.

We didn't get a picture of Carla's rug but she is so close to being done! It is her first rug hooking project. It is her own design and she is doing a great job!

It was, as always, a fun filled day with a group of great ladies. I know I say it a lot but we have such a good group of ladies that we hook with. I'm grateful for them all.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

First Hooking Together of 2019

We had a wonderful day hooking at the Shell Church in Shell, WY. Plans for our Big Horn Mountain Hook-In in Shell, Sept.20-22, 2019 are coming together so well. Several have signed up and the cabins at the Shell Campground are booked! There are still more options if you don't have an RV or camper.

 Debra finished crocheting the edge on her Trish Travis pattern she worked on when she was in Fredericksburg TX. I just love this rug!
 After finishing the Halloween rug Debra started this dummy board from The Old Tattered Flan. I can't wait to see it finished!
 Patty is really moving on her floral from Bea Brock. Great job Patty!
 I (Sylvia) finished my Crazy Horse bag hooking. I got the whole kit from Susan Quicksall. It is absolutely the most organized kit I've ever bought. It has now been shipped off to get finished. I can't wait until it's done!

After finished the Crazy Horse bag I started my red cow Clover, designed by Theresa Rapstein, who is teaching at the ATHA Biennial in Denver in August, by the way! I'm using hand torn strips and I'm loving it! This rug is going to be so cute and cushy!

We hope to see you at our next meeting in Cody WY at the Park Co Library on Feb. 16th!

Monday, December 31, 2018

December at the Library Hooking Rugs

Several of us met at the Library in Cody, WY earlier this month. It was so good to see everyone and especially Laura, whom I haven't seen in years!

Debra started this rug at our camp at the Irma Hotel in Cody, WY. Diane Stoffel was her teacher. I'm in love with this rug!
Debra was very busy needle punching before the Holidays!

Patty started this rug at our rug camp at the Irma Hotel in Cody, WY. Carrie Martin was her teacher. This is turning out great!
 Patty started this Woolley Fox rug at Prairie Rose Rug School. I think her rendition is my favorite. I especially love the blue cabin.
Sylvia finished this 7 foot runner by The Old Tattered Flag. The top shows the colors better. It was later bound in navy.

Sylvia finished this Eiffel Tower rug by Sharon Smith in plenty of time for her granddaughter Aleena's Christmas gift. Aleena loved it!

Good friends and good conversation. What a great way to send out 2018!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Big Horn Mountain Hook-In

The time period for the Big Horn Mountain Hook-In in Shell Wyoming is blocked out on the campsite website so please call for a reservation. There are still plenty of spots available and a few cabins are left.

We are going to have such a great time. Bring the family and they can see the beautiful Big Horn Mountains and all the amazing wildlife. Fishing is plentiful too!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Wild West Rug Hookers in Denver

Three of us were lucky enough to attend the Colorado ATHA Hook In in Denver. It is always a great time with many wonderful vendors.
 Hand woven baskets by Village Crafters is always a big hit. We always have some we bring home.
 Theresa Rapstine had wonderful wools and of course her patterns, which I can't resist!
 Here are two more of Theresa's rugs on the floor. She will be one of the teachers at the ATHA Biennial in Denver.
 Judy Cripps is always the busiest booth at the hook-in. She brings a lot of wool and patterns!
This is part of the Gatherings booth. They sell Maggie Bonanomi patterns among many other items.
 Here are some of the wonderful women there. Last I heard there were 129 in attendance. Their door prizes were the wool trees on the tables. There were a lot of beautiful fall colored ones.
 Here is part of Baa Ram Ewe's booth. I always seem to find a pattern here. Patty came home  with this cute floral pattern.
Tonya also has cute benches and patterns for sale.
 I apologize for not remembering whose table this is. Very cute pillows.
 Here's just a couple of the silent auction items out of Many!
 I had a lot of fun taking to this woman and several others who sat by me during the day. I'm working on Sharon Smith's Eiffel Tower. 
 I can't remember whose table this was but it is an incredible assortment of hand dyed wool!
Patty got the pattern for this cute sheep in Judy Cripps booth.

Patty, Debra, and I had a wonderful time. On Friday we hit IKEA and bought so many treasures we weren't sure how we were going to fit on the way home but thank goodness I have a large trunk in my Taurus.

We are looking forward to next year and especially the Biennial!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Shell Wyoming Day of Rug Hooking

What an exciting day we had in Shell Wyoming Saturday! The weather was perfect for driving and we had our largest group EVER! We had a total of 7 for the day!
All the work we have done at the Festival in Thermopolis is paying off.  Kim was interested in hooking and drove to Shell to buy one of our beginner kits and learn to hook AND a woman who is working at the Shell Campground this summer came by to learn too. Two new hookers!!
 It was especially good to see Carol (left) who is not only struggling with cancer, but broke her hip. She has been through so much and it's so nice to see her still hooking.
 Faye came for the first time since last year. She brought her Stone House Runner and Patty brought hers. Isn't it amazing how similar and yet different they are!
Fay designed this beautiful stool cover. Hers is the shorter one. I wanted to copy hers and close as possible and Patty got creative with hers. They are so pretty together like that!
The original shape is from Cindy Gay's Ikea Stool Course.

We didn't get pictures of what everyone was working on but the day was filled with teaching, laughter, and fun.

There is one extra day added to our schedule with one more day of hooking in Shell on September 29th.