Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April's Rug Hooking

Debra and I were the only two hooking at the Library Saturday, We had a great day and seemed to accomplish a lot of hooking even with all our chatter.
 I finished hooking my two cats by Barbara Brown. I love it SO much! Yes it looks familiar because after seeing how Faye hooked hers I had to copy it as closely as I could. I believe it's one of my favorite rugs.
 Even though Faye is still in Arizona she sent me the photos of her rugs she finished. She hadn't touched this Emma Lou Lais rug in 12 years and finished it this month! She did such a beautiful job. I just love this rug.
 Faye has this adorable Sunfish in her patterns with Cabin Creek Designs, which you will be able to see soon at Spruce Ridge Studios,  and hooked it in these outstanding colors. I just can't wait to see it in person! She might not be with us in person but she's with us in our hearts and through the internet. She and her husband will be moving to our area soon and we can't wait until we get to see more of her!

Debra was working on her rug called Saddle Up by Sally Kallin, Pine Island Primitives.  I especially like how she is hooking the rug straight across except the center diamonds. It really makes it a stunning rug. Debra will be taking a class from Sally this weekend in South Dakota. I can't wait to hear how wonderful the new school is! 

Next month we will have pictures of our rug school Old Faithful Rug Hooking Get-A-Way. Scroll down the pages to see the information and sign up sheet if you'd like to join us! I'd sure love to meet you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wild West Rug Hookers for March

Debra, Patty and I met at the Library Saturday for a fun filled day of hooking, chatter, and fun.
 Debra ordered a punch kit called Lamb and Crocks by Yvonne Buus. It is a small design with wonderful yarns.

 Debra also finished this fabulous rug from Woolley Fox. It is absolutely stunning! The colors are much richer in person.
And Debra was working on this large version of Saddle Up by Sally Kallin of Pine Island Primitives. It's going to be a stunner when she is finished.
I, Sylvia, used a wide cut for my Heavens to Betsy pig pillow. His tail is hiding back there so I fixed it when I got home.
 I had to show everyone my red cow pattern called Clover by Theresa Rapstine. I just can't wait to start this beauty!
 I have been working on an Ikea stool cover designed by Faye Schilling. The center design was taken from a pattern by Maggie Bonanomi. My next stool will be the one at the bottom of the post.
Patty is SO close to being finished with her Stonehouse Runner by The Old Tattered Flag.  This runner is LONG! Faye and I both have the pattern but neither of us have started. I'm almost nervous to start! I can't get over how beautiful Patty's is turning out!
And here is an Ikea stool cover designed and hooked by Faye. I love it so much I'm going to copy it right down to the wools, which Faye has meticulously cataloged for me with pictures of the wool next to the flower and bird. The unfinished parts will be hooked in when the sides are sewn together so the design wraps around the stool. I'm even going to hook it in a 6 just like hers so I can get all the detail. I'm such a copycat but seriously, who wouldn't want to copy this stool cover.

I'm so amazed at the talent in our little group and we all feel so blessed to have such a great group with personalities that compliment each other so well.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018 Rug Hooking

The first get-together of 2018 was so great. We hadn't met in so long and we had so much to see and do.
Patty has really been working on her Cobblestone Runner from The Old Tattered Flag.  The grayis color is actually a beautiful green. Two of us have this pattern and every time I see Patty's rug I'm excited because it's so wonderful and scared because it's so big! 

Debra was binding her rug from The Old Tattered Flag. It is amazing how a two color rug can have so much impact. It is truly stunning.

Debra brought her feather tree from The Woolley Fox. Katie had kits made up and I think it's adorable. LOVE the bells!
These two adorable Santa Hats are from The Old Tattered Flag. One is hooked and the other is punched. Debra did an outstanding job, as usual. So much eye candy!
Debra has started this outstanding rug from The Woolley Fox. This rug is not only gorgeous, it's large! She is using a large cut on it.   

Here are three of my 4 pillows. The largest two are kits from Theresa Rapstine, I hooked them in a 9.5 cut. The middle one is a design from The Woolley Fox and I hooked it in a 9.5 and used decorative stitches that I saw from a class Martha Lowery taught there. 
This is one I drew from a design in the book Caswell Impressions. The block was hooked by Martha Lowery. I made some changes to the design.
 Here it is finished up. I'm really happy with how all four of these pillows turned out.
 This is a rug designed by Carrie Martin. It is one of my favorites. I made it for the kitchen floor.
 This is one by Monika Jones. I had done it at Prairie Rose but hated the two bright yellow flowers so after all this time I pulled the loops out and thankfully I still had some of the hand dyed I used. I am so much happier with it now. The other one is posted somewhere on here is you want to compare it.

This is Carol's Buzzard. She has been so sick that she hasn't been able to work on him but she is sure doing an amazing job. Get better Carol!

I have added our new dates on the sidebar so if you want to come hook with us please feel free to do so!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November's Hooking at the Library

Although is was a small number of us at the Library this month is was still such a good time.  It's almost hard to remember when it was just the three of us all the time. Carol, Patty and I had a great time catching up on all that's been happening in our lives.

Carol is working on her turkey buzzard. I just love how he is turning out.
 Do you see him turning around and biting his tail feather? 
 Patty is working on her Stone House Runner and it's stunning. It seems to be growing larger every time I see it and I have the pattern to do too. She is doing such an amazing job and I admire her ability to color plan so much.
I loved my pillow from Theresa Rapstine so much that I had to order the other one to go with it. I seem to have so much fabric left over that I ordered Lancaster Floral from Woolly Fox for the third pillow to match. I really need to be working on Christmas gifts!

Being Thanksgiving week. I want to thank all of the wonderful ladies and gentleman in our group. We are so blessed to have gone from not knowing any rug hookers to having such an amazing group in such a short time. Thank you all for everything you have done for our group and I hope and pray we inspire even more people to start hooking.

I hope and pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

October's Hooking at the Library

We had so much to talk about at the Library this month. The First Annual Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway was the top of the discussions. We are all so excited and honored to have a hook-in of this caliber in Cody, WY.  Cody is a top vacation destination with so many things to see and do. Carrie Martin is putting the Getaway on and it will be held at the Irma Hotel, which Buffalo Bill Cody built for his daughter Irma. Cody is steeped in history and the Irma is at the center.

The other subject of discussion, besides the typical rug talk, was the ATHA Biennial in Denver, Co, in 2019. We can't wait to be a part of such a major event so close to us. The Rocky Mountains aren't exactly what people think of when they think of rug hooking but that is changing quickly! We are working hard to be recognized in the rug hooking community and educating people who have never heard of our craft.

And speaking of our craft, we had a great show and tell, as always.

 Patty finished her beautiful floral Boston, and Anne Bond design by Visions of Ewe. Patty did all the color planning and she did such an amazing job, as always.

 Patty's footstool is now finished thanks to her husband who built the footstool for her. It is a design from the late Kim Nixon and the pattern is available at Honey Bee Hive.
 Patty does such wonderful work and she is an inspiration for us all.
 I finished my Witchy Woman, designed by Susie Shepard at Shepard's Hook Rugs, an Etsy Shop. She is tall and she was a blast to hook. My grand-kids adore her but I think I'm more in love than they are! The angle is a little off so she looks squatty but she really is proportioned right.

 This is my finished pillow Blooms from a kit by Theresa Rapstine.  I love the way it turned out so much that I ordered the kit for the pillow below that Debra finished.

 Debra finished her pillow Blue Flower from her kit designed by Theresa Rapstine.  Theresa uses very wide cuts in her designs. She was in Celebrations for her rug Vintage Blooms. This link takes you to a PDF of her rug. Our pillows are sections of her famous rug.
 Patty is working on her Stone House Runner from The Old Tattered Flag. She once again nailed it with her color planning.

 I, Sylvia, started the Coffee rug designed by Carrie Martin, One Rug Two Rug. Carrie is the wonderful woman who is the creator of Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway. I met her at the Denver Hook-In and she was SO much fun. She color planned so easily and had such an amazing amount of wool and patterns.

 Debra was working on her two colored Antique Coverlet by The Old Tattered Flag. She got SO many compliments on this when she was hooking on it at the Denver Hook-In. It truly is a beautiful rug.

Carol was working on her Turkey Buzzard.  She has been very ill so we were so happy to see her better and working on her design with us. It's just not the same when she isn't there.  It is drawn from a photo taken by her daughter.

It was an amazing day with our group. If you want to join us please do. Dates and places are on the sidebar. We can't reserve to Library too far in advance but I try for the third Saturday. Feel free to stop by!

For more information about the Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway contact Carrie Martin at or 985-893-3285.
Blog written by Sylvia Gauthier

Friday, October 20, 2017

Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway

Oh my goodness! We are so incredibly lucky! Carrie Martin is having a rug school right here in Beautiful Cody Wyoming!

It is called Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway from May 27-June 1,2018. It will be held at the Historic Irma Hotel! Buffalo Bill built the hotel for his daughter Irma. There is so much history in this hotel and now we can add rug hooking retreats to the list.

Carrie Martin and Diane Stoffel are the two teachers. They are both amazing teachers and a lot of fun. Be one of the first to join this yearly event! Here is a copy of the sign up sheet.

Hotel Address:
Irma Hotel
1192 Sheridan Ave. Cody WY 82424
Cody, Wyoming
“Old Faithful
- Rug Hooking -
 May 27-June 1, 2018
Four Full Days + of instruction

Diane Stoffel
Carrie Martin

Cody, Wyoming
“Old Faithful”
Rug Hooking Getaway
May 27- June 1, 2018

Workshop Registration      
 __ $250.00        
Commuter Fee
If not staying at the Irma Hotel
__ $125.00                 Total  _____

Pay to order of
 one rug two rug
Due with registration form sent to
Nancy Frantz, 18799 Hosmer Mill Rd Covington, LA 70435

No refund after 1-1-2018
Teacher Selection
Mark 1st and 2nd choice
__ Diane Stoffel    __ Carrie Martin



City, State, Zip code

Phone Number


Emergency Contac
Cody, Wyoming is steeped in colorful tradition and has a rich historical background. Fascinating exhibitions like the Cody Firearms Museum display artifacts from yesteryear and Old Town Trail bring the history to life before your eyes, creating a unique and enlightening experience. Cody has its roots firmly in the Western lifestyle and rodeos and state fairs include visitors and the community alike.
Cody has a wealth of breathtaking scenery right on its doorstep and makes seeing the American wilderness incredibly easy. Scenic drives such as the Beartooth Highway are a convenient way to see the surrounding nature and wildlife and with numerous wilderness areas and Yellowstone National Park accessible it couldn't be easier to explore. The areas facilitate an enormous range of outdoor activities or just relax in incredible surroundings.

Airport Transportation:
Fly into Cody; Taxi Services
Cody Cab            Phidippides Shuttle
307-272-8364      866-527-6789
Sponsored by
one rug two rug,
Wool Rich Cash Poor,
ATHA Chapter
Join us in Cody, Wyoming
Cody is home to an inspired community of Western artists, a growing number of fine art and photo galleries, and the renowned Buffalo Bill Center of the West.
The varied landscape surrounding Buffalo Bill's town in the Rockies, the abundant wildlife, the quality of light and atmosphere all continue to inspire painters, sculptors, and craftsmen working in a variety of styles and media. Located in close proximity of Yellowstone.

We will enjoy the hospitality of The Irma Hotel; located on the historic surrounded by shops, galleries museums and fabulous restaurants. At this favored time in Cody, WY the group rate of $99. under the one rug two rug block.

Class Times:
Sunday Registration and Welcome 2-4, 7-9; your teacher will make introductions.
Monday-Thursday 9-12, 1-3; room will be open for evening hooking; teacher will pass through.
Friday 8:30- 10:00 Drawing for next years choice of teacher and free registration.

Meal Plan:
The Irma has a wonderful restaurant in house and we are hoping that we show our appreciation by choosing to patronize it.
Loaner Cutters and Frames:
Each class will have cutters for your use.  For those flying upon request we have a few frames to loan.


Diane Stoffel, Brewster, MA
 Diane’s color sense makes this a great class.  She is most comfortable color planning and is more than willing to share her knowledge with you. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you will have a rug you love when finished. She is a McGown certified teacher and ATHA member who is at ease with all cuts from fine to wide and with all types of designs or patterns. Her talent shines with all rugs.

Carrie Martin, Covington, LA
Carrie’s enthusiasm will make the class fly by.  She makes color planning easy to understand. She will be sharing her secrets to putting together handbags and dolls.  Her mini lessons are a hit. Your needs will be her needs. Another McGown certified teacher that will work on any project of your choosing, but loves those wide cut floral, geometrics, orientals.

Wool Rich Cash Poor: Events

Auction: Monday afternoon
Wool Rich Cash Poor is gracious enough to continue the tradition of having an Auction; the money raised is used to give a helping hand to rug hookers to attend our workshop and for the end of camp and through the year scholarships.  If you wish to contribute to the auction we would be most grateful.

City Tour of Cody: Tuesday
Yes, learn the history of Cody enjoy a trolley tour of the city as a group.  Ghosts, Gunfights and Buffalo Bill and tales of the west come alive on the tour.  Take this trolley tour in the late afternoon and you just may see a resident of the early years of Cody.

Flea Market: Wednesday afternoon
Do you make something or have something that you think others would like? We will have tables set up for you to sell your goods and hopefully pay your way to Santa Fe.  There is no charge for this lagniappe.  We all love to shop.

More information
Carrie Martin - 985-893-3285
Dorothy Delaune

Nancy Frantz

Hope to see everyone there!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Second Hook In for September

We had a blast meeting at the Library in Cody. I can't imagine our group NOT having fun! 

Faye finished her footstool design. She chose a Molesworth center design of the gunfighter. It is an iconic design he used in his western furniture a lot. She used real brands from our area and made up a couple too. I love how this footstool turned out and I can't wait to see it completed! She is such an amazing designer. I wish I could be in her head for one hour just to see what it's like to be that creative!

 Debra brought her Tattered Flag design. It is absolutely stunning. When we were at the Hook In in Denver Colorado she was working on it and had so many compliments.

 This is one she brought. It is two cats with human faces. It is one of those love it or hate it design. I LOVE it! It is a design by Dorothy Panacheck from Fredericksburg TX. Dorothy used to own Stonehill Spinning when she sold patterns.

 While we were in Denver I had the opportunity of meeting Theresa Rapstine.  She was in Celebrations one year for her Vintage Blooms. This is a pillow kit I bought from her based on that gorgeous rug. She and Debra are friends and I was so happy I got to meet her. Debra got the pillow kit with a large flower in the center. I'll be showing it before too long I hope!

Patty is almost finished with her Anne Bond design! I'm so in love with her colors that I've bought all the wool she used. She is so good with color. Debra came up with the idea of using the background for the vines in the border. Another reason we are so lucky to have each other to bounce ideas around. 

I have to mention the Hook In in Denver Co put on by the Colorado Rug and Fiber Guild, an ATHA organization. There were so many wonderful Vendors and such a great group of women. I was in awe the whole time. I'd never been to something so big and wonderful. I plan on going again next year for sure! Great job ladies.

Our next get together is October 21st. Hope to see you there!

Blog written by Sylvia Gauthier

Monday, September 11, 2017

Septembers First Hook In

We hooked at the Shell Church for our first hook in of the month. As always it was a beautiful drive towards the mountains. Shell is such a beautiful tiny town at the bottom of the Big Horn Mountains. It was especially great to have so many attend. Marlisa came down from Laurel for the first time and she was such a nice addition to our little group. 

 Patty is close to being done with her floral. The colors are much richer than they show here. It is truly stunning.

 I got a new weaving loom so I haven't accomplished much on my witch. I really want to work on her but the new loom has been so much fun too.

 Carol has done a great job on her Turkey Buzzard. I love how he is picking on his tail feather. I can't wait to see how he turns out!

Faye was working on her original design footstool. It is a Molesworth tribute. Molesworth was a man who designed western furniture here in Cody many years ago. I just love the rope and brands! Debra is going to make this one too.

But for now Debra is working on this footstool design that she created using Edith O'Neal designs. Some of us can't get enough of making footstools. I have two more Ikea stools ordered that should be here this week. The Ikea stools are so versatile because they can be used for extra seating.

 Our newest friend Marlisa brought a little bit of show and tell. These owls are so adorable!

 This is the rug Marlisa was working on at Prairie Rose last year when we first met her. She drove a few hours to be able to hook with us and we were all so happy she did.

Marlisa was working on this wonderful design. She was using a Cheticamp frame which was fun to see. It is so nice to be able to see all of the pattern at once. Especially when she is creating a rug like this.

We will meet again on Sept. 23rd. at the Park Co Library in Cody. Our little group travels quite a ways to meet and I always hope it's worth it. It must be. We keep doing it! Like I always say. We are so blessed. 

Debra and I will be headed to the Denver Hook In this weekend. I hope to have a lot of wonderful things to show and tell about out trip when we get back. 

Happy Hooking!

Post by Sylvia Gauthier

Monday, August 28, 2017

Library Hooking in August

We had such an amazing time hooking at the Library last Saturday. Faye is in Wyoming for a couple of months and she is such an inspiration to us all.  In her honor we tried to bring projects Faye hadn't seen yet so we had a lot of visitors to our little rug show.
This is one Faye brought. All she has left to do is finish binding! I can't remember how long ago she started it but it's almost finished now!
 This is one of Faye's designs. She changed some of her flower colors from her original colors and it's so perfect. I liked it before too.  Absolutely one of my favorites and she has designed a footstool cover to match!
 The center design of Faye's footstool is a Maggie Bonanomi design that Faye changed up a little and then Faye designed the picket fence around the bottom of the footstool. Absolutely stunning!
 This was a little rug Faye started years ago and finally finished. All it took for Faye to start hooking again was a new frame and friends to hook with!
 Notice Faye's footstool and my stool are the same pattern. I changed my house a little. I just love seeing two of the same patterns hooked differently.
 Here is my I've Got You My Prettie designed by The Old Tattered Flag.
 Debra finished her Close Enough For Jazz for her husbands drum room. It's just wonderful!
 Faye also designed this adorable log cabin and outhouse. The top comes off the cabin for storage. It is wood covered in hooking and wool. Of course we all wanted the directions! She still has a chimney to put on top of the roof and she has a wonderful fireplace on the side of the cabin.
 Here is another view of Faye's footstool. Notice the legs! She had her husband cut them from their own property. She is so creative!
 And here is the top view. This is the pattern from Cindi Gays Footstool Class online. It is a great class and a fun design.
 Here we are hooking, or should I say standing. I'm the only one sitting.

 And last but not least, we have Faye's two cats. A design by Barbara Brown. Absolutely one of my favorites!

We didn't get any pictures of the rugs we were working on. I think everyone was too excited to see all the wonderful projects Faye had brought. I can't believe how blessed we are to have such a great group of hookers.

Next month we will meet two different times. On the 9th we will meet in Shell, WY at the Shell Church and on the 23rd we will meet at the Park County Library.  I know it will be a blast!