Monday, October 21, 2019

Saturday Rug Hooking in Shell, WY

It is always such a great trip when we go to Shell, WY to hook. The scenery is always beautiful and so is the company.
 Debra worked on binding her Old Blue Flowers, designed by Theresa Rapstine. Debra hooked this beauty with hand torn strips. As always, she does such a fabulous job.

 Patty was working on her Star rug she started at Prairie Rose Rug School with teacher Ingrid Hieronimus. Patty's hooking is always so perfect. I just love how this is turning out!
 I, Sylvia, finished the House and Horse designed by Theresa Rapstine. This rug is 36"x92". It is HUGE. I hooked it with torn strips. Katie Hartner Color Planned this rug. I am so happy with the way it turned out. I will be binding it for a few days!
This is a kit I, Sylvia, got from Katie Hartner, Woolley Fox, at our Hook-In in Shell where Katie vended. I worked on the binding and it is now on my table.

It was a beautiful day and as always it was a perfect day in Shell, WY

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Rug Show at the Big Horn Mountain Hook-In in Shell, Wyoming

Here are the rugs in the rug show in Shell, WY. I have to include the sign the campground had up when we got there. I don't remember who made them all so I will post the names of the ones I remember.
 Valerie Begeman did this Atkinson design and changed it up. It doesn't show her little sheep at the bottom.

 Peg Carpenter finished this beautiful Iris while she was at the Hook-In.

 Betty Dahlin designed and hooked this incredible story rug.
 Sylvia hooked this Woolley fox design
 Sylvia Gauthier hooked this Theresa Rapstine torn strip design.
 Debra Inglis hooked this wonderful Woolley Fox design.

 Here is the sign at the Campground. We were the talk of the town!
As I find out who hooked what rugs I will add their names to these outstanding rugs!

Big Horn Mountain Hook-In in Shell Wyoming

The Wild West Rug Hookers put on a wonderful Hook-In in Shell, Wyoming Sept 20-23, 2019. The husbands who accompanied their wives had a great time sight seeing and it was even a honeymoon for one couple.

 Here is Sylvia Gauthier talking to Valerie Begeman and Katie Hartner who brought her fabulous wool and rugs to vend.

 Cindi McCullough was the winner of Roscoe the Rooster. She truly loved this rug and I was so happy she won.
 Some of the wool and rug patterns brought by Katie Hartner from Woolley Fox.

Debra Inglis did an outstanding job preparing lunches and snacks for all of the rug hookers attending. Patty, Carla, and I helped but Debra was the Master Chef.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

ATHA Biennial 2019, Denver Colorado

The ATHA Biennial in Denver Colorado is now over but it will be a lasting memory for everyone in attendance. I felt like a Princess the entire event. Yes, it was really that wonderful! Martha Lowery, standing at our table, is such an amazing woman and I'm so happy to now call her my friend. Debra has known her for many years. She is on the ATHA Board. Oh, and I'm now the Regional Rep for Region 10! Patty, Debra, and I all went from our Guild. SO MUCH FUN!
 Here are some pictures from the rug show. It was wonderful with so many rugs! Too many rugs to post here but please go to our Facebook page ATHA Region 10 Rug Hookers, Wild West Rug Hookers, and Colorado Rug and Fiber Guild to see more photos.
 The picture of George Washington is the newest rug from Tricia Travis, Country Gatherings. It is stunning!

 The geckos are by Gail Dufresne. She also taught and she was a Vendor.
 This is one of the wonderful rugs by the Guest Speaker Tracy Jamar. She was fabulous speaker and her rugs were outstanding!

 We had such a great time. I encourage everyone to consider the next Biennial in Kansas City Missouri, 2021.
I met so many fabulous people and as the Region 10 Rep I have made a new Facebook page that I encourage all to participate in. It's ATHA Region 10 Rug Hookers. Please join us!