Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018 Rug Hooking

The first get-together of 2018 was so great. We hadn't met in so long and we had so much to see and do.
Patty has really been working on her Cobblestone Runner from The Old Tattered Flag.  The grayis color is actually a beautiful green. Two of us have this pattern and every time I see Patty's rug I'm excited because it's so wonderful and scared because it's so big! 

Debra was binding her rug from The Old Tattered Flag. It is amazing how a two color rug can have so much impact. It is truly stunning.

Debra brought her feather tree from The Woolley Fox. Katie had kits made up and I think it's adorable. LOVE the bells!
These two adorable Santa Hats are from The Old Tattered Flag. One is hooked and the other is punched. Debra did an outstanding job, as usual. So much eye candy!
Debra has started this outstanding rug from The Woolley Fox. This rug is not only gorgeous, it's large! She is using a large cut on it.   

Here are three of my 4 pillows. The largest two are kits from Theresa Rapstine, I hooked them in a 9.5 cut. The middle one is a design from The Woolley Fox and I hooked it in a 9.5 and used decorative stitches that I saw from a class Martha Lowery taught there. 
This is one I drew from a design in the book Caswell Impressions. The block was hooked by Martha Lowery. I made some changes to the design.
 Here it is finished up. I'm really happy with how all four of these pillows turned out.
 This is a rug designed by Carrie Martin. It is one of my favorites. I made it for the kitchen floor.
 This is one by Monika Jones. I had done it at Prairie Rose but hated the two bright yellow flowers so after all this time I pulled the loops out and thankfully I still had some of the hand dyed I used. I am so much happier with it now. The other one is posted somewhere on here is you want to compare it.

This is Carol's Buzzard. She has been so sick that she hasn't been able to work on him but she is sure doing an amazing job. Get better Carol!

I have added our new dates on the sidebar so if you want to come hook with us please feel free to do so!