Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Group Hooking

We had a wonderful time hooking at the Park County Library this month. Even though there were only 4 of us it was so much fun talking and learning from each other. Carol Messerli told us a little about her trip to Branson but the best story was when she told us about zip lining. I have a whole new respect for Carol. I could NEVER zip line and I admire her so much for being brave enough to try it. That's one check mark on her bucket list!

 Patty Tyrrell made a sign for the outside of the door at the library so that people would know what we are doing and come in to visit. It worked! Our visitors were mostly men, however. The name may have had something to do with it. Thank you Patty.
 Patty Tyrrell is over half way finished with her Lincoln bag. Her hooking is so perfect.
 This is what one side of the bag will look like. She is really inspiring me to get mine started.
 Debra Inglis was working on this Barbara Carol design. She is using a 9 cut. The colors and wools she is using are amazing! I just want to copy everything she does. We are all so excited to have her move to Wyoming and we can't wait until she is back full time
I (Sylvia Gauthier) was finishing the edge of my Irish Chain, a Polly Minick design. I used the same wools in my Game Board but this time I added tans. I think it neutralized it more. I am so happy with the way it turned out. 

The day was filled with laughter and inspiration. We are so blessed to have such a great group and it keeps getting bigger one hooker at a time.