Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Meeting

Three of us hooked together at the library in Cody this month. Patty, Carol and I (Sylvia) had a great time. It is always so enjoyable when we get together at the library. April, however, has been canceled. There is a lot going on at the library in the month of April so we are trying to get a date in Shell, where Patty lives, to get together.

Carol has been working on the background of her elk for what she considers "forever". It is turning out so amazing. She is a new rug hooker with no fear. This is Carol's original design!
 Patty started her Crock pattern. It is really coming along! I just love to see how different textures of wool makes the crocks come to life.
 I have the crock pattern too but decided on this Sharon Smith design. I needed something smaller that would fit next to the Sheep and Sunflower rug on the wall. This is a pattern I have always wanted to do and I'm so glad I chose to hook it.
I used wool that I had already dyed for other rugs and it worked out perfectly. This rug is hooking up quite quickly. 

Don't forget....No meeting for April....yet.