Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Hook Together

Patty, Carol and I got together at the Park County Library this month to hook together. We enjoy that time so much. Not just to see what each other are working on, but for companionship and support.

Patty had finished her Lincoln Bag and it is already on it's way back from the leather place.  I know she is waiting by the mailbox every day! We are all anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I will post pictures when I can.  In the mean time Patty started a cup runner of Deanne Fitzpatrick's. I just love her bright colors. I think these are leftover worms that she is using. 

Carol has almost finished the rug she started in Briggita Phy's class. She took out some of the sagebrush and she is almost finished. I absolutely love her colors! This was done primarily out of leftover worms. 

I am still hooking along on my Lion and Lamb. I swear if I have hooked an area once, I've hooked it 5 times. But I have to hook more to see what I want to change. I really am enjoying this rug even though I keep saying, " I have no idea what I'm doing."

We are going to try to get together during the Christmas break. I'll keep you posted!