Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January at the Library Hook In

Patty, Carol, and I met at the Library Saturday for a fun day of hooking and catching up. It was a beautiful day and some of the snow we have been slammed with started to melt.
 Patty had started on her footstool designed by Kim Nixon, sold by Honey Bee Hive. Her background is a beautiful navy color.
 Patty brought her finished sunflower rug for us to see. It turned out wonderful Patty!!
 I haven't been working very much on my trade sign. In case you are wondering, I changed the title to 30 Mile Stage Stop. My great grandfather ran a stage stop between Roundup and Billings Montana. There was a salon, post office, and boarding house, and barn. My grandmother even drove a stagecoach before she was 16 years old.
Carol has her clouds all hooked and she is finishing up her sky. She has done such an amazing job on this rug.

We dearly missed our friends who were out of town and I hope Debra is back in time for our February meeting.

Times of our meetings and location are on the sidebar. We try for the third Sat. at the library but we can only book 3 months at a time so sometimes it's already taken. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!

Blog post by Sylvia Gauthier.

Monday, January 9, 2017

First Hook-In of 2017

Patty and Carol met at the Shell Church Friday to hook for our first Hook-In in 2017. I had planned to go but sometimes surprises crop up so I didn't go. I sure wish I could have.
 Since we had just hooked together there wasn't a lot of work that got done but Carol's sky is absolutely wonderful. She has really done a fantastic job on her rug.
Patty has finished her border since Friday. She was so nervous about running out of the border wool. She only had a 2" wide strip left of the border fabric. Whew! That's so close! Her rug turned out so wonderful!
Faye Schilling is in Arizona for the winter but she is still one of the Wild West Hookers and she finished her stool cover designed and color planned by Cindi Gay. This stool cover goes over an Ikea stool. Faye is such an amazing hooker.

Cindi has a class you can sign up for to make this stool cover and she walks you through color planning and putting the stool cover together Her website is probably the best instruction packed website I've ever seen. I'm always learning from her.

We will be hooking again this month on the 28th at the Library in Cody. I can't wait.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Last Hook-In in 2016

Patty, Carol, and I got together on Friday to hook in Shell, WY. It is always such a relaxing day when we hook there. The drive towards the mountain is always so beautiful.

 Patty is so close to being done with her sunflowers that she started at Prairie Rose Rug School. She is so happy with it and I can see why. It is turning out wonderful.

 I started the Tavern Sign, Temperance from Two Old Crows. My great grandfather had a stage stop between Billings and Roundup, MT so I decided to make the sign a tribute to him. It will say 30 Mile Stage Stop.

 Carol is now on the final leg of her rug. She only has sky left to hook. She has done such a wonderful job on this beautiful rug.

 This is my Antique Floral by Maggie Bonanomi. I am really happy with the way this turned out. My red shows a little darker than they are but you get the idea.

And this is my chair pad. I can't remember who's pattern this is right now. When I remember I'll change my post. I did change the chicken wing design.

We will be bringing in the New Year right by hooking again in Shell this Friday. We are taking advantage of school being out since Patty drives a school bus and because we don't hook in Cody until the 28th.

I hope everyone has a Blessed New Year. 2017 is going to be good.