Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Prairie Rose Rug School Walking on Art

I took pictures with my phone of the rug show one afternoon. I don't have the names of all the rug hookers and designers but I will add the names when I know who they all are. It is always so great to see the rugs of so many wonderful hookers.
 This was a big proddy by Darlene Buckner. It is so fluffy. She saved here salvages when she dyed wool for years to make this rug.

 I know the bottom two were by Christine Sorenson. The bottom bear is proddy.

 This one and the man below are both by Jerry Dickerson, Celina, TX.

 Teacups are by Patty Tyrrell, Shell, WY

 Bottom landscape is by Carol Messerli, Greybull, WY. You can see the back of my sheep peeking through.

 The tree is part of a series by Carolyn Godfreed, Bismarck, ND
 Carolyn Godfreed hooked this one too. All her work is original.

 My Sheep and Sunflower. (Sylvia Gauthier)

 The morning bird, abstract cat and couch potato are all by Sue Cunningham, Laramie, WY.

 My (Sylvia Gauthier) Lion and Lamb

 This rug of different stitches is by Ingrid Hieronimus, She has a book with the stitches in it.

 Prayer rug by our Director, Suzi Jones, Tualatin, OR
 Sue Cunningham's animal jazz rug.
Mary Lou Person from Bismarck, ND did this adorable rug. I wish it were more clear!

Like I said, I will add the names of hookers as I remember them. Thanks for looking at the Rug show from Prairie Rose Rug School!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Prairie Rose Rug School 2016

Oh my goodness!! We had the best time at Prairie Rose Rug School at Assumption Abbey in Richardton ND.  Ingrid Hieronimus was the teacher Patty, Carol, and I chose and we certainly made the right choice.  She is so amazing with color and she can add so much interest to a design.

 Carol worked on her covered bridge rug. It sure was nice to have Ingrid help her with her big tree. She has her wool picked out for all of the trees she has coming up. The foreground are some of my wools I dyed before school. The blue is one Ingrid dyed.
Ingrid dyed the wool for Patty's rug and the colors are so perfect! Patty stepped out of her wheel house on a leaf or two but I know she is going to absolutely love this rug when it's finished. I know I love it already.

 This is Patty's rug in the last day "throw down".
I was working on a design from Monika Jones, Folk Art Landing. I added a grid for the background which you can see a little of in the bottom center. Ingrid first worked on the height of my stitches and the packing I did. I am so grateful for her help. My background is two different sparkle wools from Dorr. One silver and one gold. I can't wait to finish this rug!
This is an original by Christine Sorenson from Missoula, MT. She is as sweet and cute as her rug and a pleasure to meet and have in our class.

 Christine's mom, Paula Peterson was working on her original duck design. I can see where her daughter gets all of her traits and talent from. She is such a pleasure to be in a class with.
 One of my favorite rugs is by Becky Newhall from Hettinger, ND. She had a friend draw a picture of their son's dog who recently passed away. She captured the dogs personality so well and I just loved the deflated soccer ball.

Sheri Matz from Evergreen, CO was working on her Celtic design which has sculpted rabbits and a Scottish Tartan plaid for the background. Talk about a "WOW" rug!
 Sheri also improved on a rug she had started before class. I am absolutely in love with these colors!! The big leaf is a strip cut with the stripe on one side and across the plaid on the other side. She was so much fun and I'm looking forward to her being in our class next year.

Throw Down Pictures

I could add names to some of the rugs but I can't remember all of them and I don't want to hurt any feelings by not remembering so I won't add any. Not all of the rugs were thrown down but this is a majority of them.

I will post the Rug Show later on. I am so impressed with everyone. There is so much inspiration at a school like this. I can't wait until next year!

Blog written by Sylvia Gauthier, Cody, WY