Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Prairie Rose Rug School Walking on Art

I took pictures with my phone of the rug show one afternoon. I don't have the names of all the rug hookers and designers but I will add the names when I know who they all are. It is always so great to see the rugs of so many wonderful hookers.
 This was a big proddy by Darlene Buckner. It is so fluffy. She saved here salvages when she dyed wool for years to make this rug.

 I know the bottom two were by Christine Sorenson. The bottom bear is proddy.

 This one and the man below are both by Jerry Dickerson, Celina, TX.

 Teacups are by Patty Tyrrell, Shell, WY

 Bottom landscape is by Carol Messerli, Greybull, WY. You can see the back of my sheep peeking through.

 The tree is part of a series by Carolyn Godfreed, Bismarck, ND
 Carolyn Godfreed hooked this one too. All her work is original.

 My Sheep and Sunflower. (Sylvia Gauthier)

 The morning bird, abstract cat and couch potato are all by Sue Cunningham, Laramie, WY.

 My (Sylvia Gauthier) Lion and Lamb

 This rug of different stitches is by Ingrid Hieronimus, She has a book with the stitches in it.

 Prayer rug by our Director, Suzi Jones, Tualatin, OR
 Sue Cunningham's animal jazz rug.
Mary Lou Person from Bismarck, ND did this adorable rug. I wish it were more clear!

Like I said, I will add the names of hookers as I remember them. Thanks for looking at the Rug show from Prairie Rose Rug School!

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  1. Wow - it looks like it was an AWESOME show! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!