Monday, August 28, 2017

Library Hooking in August

We had such an amazing time hooking at the Library last Saturday. Faye is in Wyoming for a couple of months and she is such an inspiration to us all.  In her honor we tried to bring projects Faye hadn't seen yet so we had a lot of visitors to our little rug show.
This is one Faye brought. All she has left to do is finish binding! I can't remember how long ago she started it but it's almost finished now!
 This is one of Faye's designs. She changed some of her flower colors from her original colors and it's so perfect. I liked it before too.  Absolutely one of my favorites and she has designed a footstool cover to match!
 The center design of Faye's footstool is a Maggie Bonanomi design that Faye changed up a little and then Faye designed the picket fence around the bottom of the footstool. Absolutely stunning!
 This was a little rug Faye started years ago and finally finished. All it took for Faye to start hooking again was a new frame and friends to hook with!
 Notice Faye's footstool and my stool are the same pattern. I changed my house a little. I just love seeing two of the same patterns hooked differently.
 Here is my I've Got You My Prettie designed by The Old Tattered Flag.
 Debra finished her Close Enough For Jazz for her husbands drum room. It's just wonderful!
 Faye also designed this adorable log cabin and outhouse. The top comes off the cabin for storage. It is wood covered in hooking and wool. Of course we all wanted the directions! She still has a chimney to put on top of the roof and she has a wonderful fireplace on the side of the cabin.
 Here is another view of Faye's footstool. Notice the legs! She had her husband cut them from their own property. She is so creative!
 And here is the top view. This is the pattern from Cindi Gays Footstool Class online. It is a great class and a fun design.
 Here we are hooking, or should I say standing. I'm the only one sitting.

 And last but not least, we have Faye's two cats. A design by Barbara Brown. Absolutely one of my favorites!

We didn't get any pictures of the rugs we were working on. I think everyone was too excited to see all the wonderful projects Faye had brought. I can't believe how blessed we are to have such a great group of hookers.

Next month we will meet two different times. On the 9th we will meet in Shell, WY at the Shell Church and on the 23rd we will meet at the Park County Library.  I know it will be a blast!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017 Thermopolis Folk Festival

We had the pleasure of demonstrating our rug hooking again this year at the Folk Festival in Thermopolis WY.  It was so exciting to have so much interest in our craft. We have two women who are very interested in learning from last year. One has even bought her kit!

 These are a few items we showed. Sadly the picture of Carol's rug on the other side of the racks was too blurry. It was the Covered Bridge she just finished.
 The footstools and a stuffed owl from Heavens to Betsy were VERY popular. One man was so disappointed that the short footstool wasn't for sale. He said it was the first thing his wife has liked in 20 years.
One gentleman really wanted to buy Patty's camper rug. He pulled up his sleeves and he was covered in camper tattoos! I must say I had never seen camper tattoos before but they were pretty cute.

The vendors were wonderful and we went home with a lot more goodies than we had when we showed up. I even had a Navajo taco which was wonderful even though I felt the effects from my celiac. It was worth it!

We met so many wonderful people and saw several old friends. It was the perfect day with the perfect friends. Sadly Carol wasn't feeling well so she couldn't make it.