Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Hooking at the Library

Hooking at the Library in May was so special for me. My husband has had strokes, pneumonia, and heart failure, so for the last few months I have been either in hospitals, or being the 24/7 caregiver. To finally meet with the women who have been so supportive was a blessing.

Debra has officially moved to Clark so she is here for good! We are so blessed to have her here.
She had taken a class with Martha Lowery at the Nimble Thimble. Barbara Carroll's Lancaster Posies was the pillow top she worked on using different techniques.

 Even though my photos aren't the greatest, her pillow top is fabulous. She will finish it with a prodded edge.  Guess what I want to make?

Debra also brought a stuffed owl from Heavens to Betsy she hooked using torn strips. It is beyond adorable!

We didn't get a picture of her footstool cover but we did get a picture of her Magdalena crow she is making into a pillow to match. 
Her footstool will have different Magdalena animals on each side and on top. It was designed by Katie Hartner at The Nimble Thimble. 

Patty finished hooking the footstool cover designed by the late Kim Nixon from Honey Bee Hive

It is absolutely stunning. She needs to get the footstool made so she can fit the cover to the stool.

Patty's new project is called Boston by Anne Bond of Visions of Ewe. I just love her colors!

I (Sylvia) ordered a footstool kit from Searsport Rug Hooking. It came with the pattern, wool, and stool parts. It was so nice for me to just start hooking and not have to color plan.  I love the fact that the top is removable so I can change to a different top with the season and it makes it easy to clean if I ever need to.

Before I started the footstool I finished my rug I call 30 Mile. It had the word Temperance on the bottom for the hotel sign it was designed from, I purchased the pattern from Two Old Crows
 I made this rug to honor my Great Grandfather Buckey who ran a stage stop called 30 Mile between Roundup and Billings Montana. My Grandmother Holliday even drove a stage a few times!
 For Easter I made the bunny and large egg designed by Ali Strebel.The small eggs were just drawn out and hooked by me. I downloaded an egg shape and went from there. They were all so cute in an Easter basket that was my husbands as a child.

I am now working on a footstool cover for an IKEA stool. I am taking an online course from Cindi Gay and the cover design is part of the class. I've gotten much further since this photo. It's such a pleasure to hook. I changed my house. 

Faye finished hooking her cover last month! She didn't get to come to the meeting but she was there in our hearts. Have you noticed we are all doing footstool covers? The last time Faye was with us in Cody we all decided to do footstools. The nice thing about the IKEA stool is that it is tall enough to sit on so I'm doing mine for extra seating. 

Carol was at the Library binding her Covered Bridge and Kathi brought her sewing machine and sewed. It was such a great time!