Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Hooking

There were only three of us at our November get together but we still had a great time. Carol was working on the rug she started with Brigitta Phy at Prairie Rose Rug School in August.
I couldn't get the color adjusted just right but the sky are diamond shaped peachy and yellow. It is bright and beautiful. Hopefully we can get a better photo in December. But Carol looks GREAT!

 Patty finished the hooking on her Lincoln bag. The first photo is of the folded bag and the bottom picture is the unfolded bag. She is sending it off to have leather gussets, handles, and top sewn on. I can't wait to see her show it off at Rug School in August.
I am plugging away on my Lion and Lamb. There are so many lessons for me to learn on this rug. I wish I had taken art classes now. It sure would have come in handy.This head is so big. I swear it's life size.