Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017 Thermopolis Folk Festival

We had the pleasure of demonstrating our rug hooking again this year at the Folk Festival in Thermopolis WY.  It was so exciting to have so much interest in our craft. We have two women who are very interested in learning from last year. One has even bought her kit!

 These are a few items we showed. Sadly the picture of Carol's rug on the other side of the racks was too blurry. It was the Covered Bridge she just finished.
 The footstools and a stuffed owl from Heavens to Betsy were VERY popular. One man was so disappointed that the short footstool wasn't for sale. He said it was the first thing his wife has liked in 20 years.
One gentleman really wanted to buy Patty's camper rug. He pulled up his sleeves and he was covered in camper tattoos! I must say I had never seen camper tattoos before but they were pretty cute.

The vendors were wonderful and we went home with a lot more goodies than we had when we showed up. I even had a Navajo taco which was wonderful even though I felt the effects from my celiac. It was worth it!

We met so many wonderful people and saw several old friends. It was the perfect day with the perfect friends. Sadly Carol wasn't feeling well so she couldn't make it.

Monday, July 17, 2017

July's Hook-In in Shell

For the month of July we hooked at the Shell Church in Shell, WY. Debra and I rode together from Cody and it was a beautiful day to travel.  The ride to Shell is always such a treat which is usually filled with wild horses and antelope. We didn't get to see the wild horses this trip but the antelope didn't disappoint us.

 Carol finished her Covered Bridge. It will hang in her new house, which we got a tour of. She lives right outside of Shell now. She has a beautiful view of the Bighorn Mountains. Wait until you see her next project. A turkey buzzard! I can't wait!
 Debra is working on her Close Enough for Jazz rug. Her husband is a drummer so I'm guessing he will love this when it's finished. The navy background is a sparkle wool which is Perfect for Jazz!
 I was almost finished binding my I've Got You My Pretty from The Old Tattered Flag. I used an 8 1/2 cut so it worked up rather quickly. I'm on a Halloween kick lately. Wait until you see my other two projects.
And Patty is really moving along with her Boston by Visions of Ewe, Ann Bond rug. I am so in love with her colors. She has such a great eye for color!

It was a day full of laughter and conversation with such good friends. We are so blessed to have such a great group in such a remote area.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

June Hook-In

The Wild West Rug Hookers met at the Park County Library for our June hook-in. As always we had a blast. It's always fun to see what everyone is working on and what they finished.

Debra stole the show with her Magdalena footstool cover. Katie Hartner of Woolley Fox created the design with Magdalena animals. Debra hooked different backgrounds on each animal. It is absolutely stunning!

Patty is working on her Boston by Anne Bond, Visions of Ewe.  The pink is so soft and inviting. Her background is just perfect! I love seeing Patty's colors come together.
 I, Sylvia, have been working on Cora's Garden by Julie Thomas, The Old Tattered Flag. I saw a photo of a woman who was hooking it in red and two neutrals so I bought the pattern right away. It was hard to get my colors right in the photo. The background is a deep wine/maroon and the neutrals are a medium and light taupe. I have learned a lot so far with this rug. I've never worked with such a limited palette.

I took an online class, Wonky House Ikea Stool, from Cindi Gay. The stool is from Ikea and it is chair height which makes it perfect for extra seating as well as putting your feet up. I changed my house. Hers was a white house and I didn't want that much white on the top of my stool.

 Yes, it would have been easier to get one picture of the pattern laying flat but I forgot so you get all four sides. She taught the perfect way to sew the side seams together.
 The designs wrap around the corners so her technique for sewing works perfectly for this design.
 I like the fact the the cover just slips over the Ikea stool and I can easily take it off if I ever need to clean it.
The class was very inexpensive. I'm taking her color planning course too. I have already learned so much from it. Cindi does Live Webinars every week that are incredibly educational and you can watch the edited versions HERE. I use her technique for binding since the beginning of my rug hooking. What a wonderful giving person to so freely give out all the wisdom she has amassed in her years of rug hooking. Thank you Cindi Gay.

Carol has been super busy moving in to their new home so she is working on her binding of her Covered Bridge. It will be so nice to have it hanging in her new home. 

Next month we will be meeting on Thursday, July 13th in Shell, WY.  Hooking in Shell is always such a special treat. I love the drive and I'm sure Patty and Carol love not having to drive to Cody!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Hooking at the Library

Hooking at the Library in May was so special for me. My husband has had strokes, pneumonia, and heart failure, so for the last few months I have been either in hospitals, or being the 24/7 caregiver. To finally meet with the women who have been so supportive was a blessing.

Debra has officially moved to Clark so she is here for good! We are so blessed to have her here.
She had taken a class with Martha Lowery at the Nimble Thimble. Barbara Carroll's Lancaster Posies was the pillow top she worked on using different techniques.

 Even though my photos aren't the greatest, her pillow top is fabulous. She will finish it with a prodded edge.  Guess what I want to make?

Debra also brought a stuffed owl from Heavens to Betsy she hooked using torn strips. It is beyond adorable!

We didn't get a picture of her footstool cover but we did get a picture of her Magdalena crow she is making into a pillow to match. 
Her footstool will have different Magdalena animals on each side and on top. It was designed by Katie Hartner at The Nimble Thimble. 

Patty finished hooking the footstool cover designed by the late Kim Nixon from Honey Bee Hive

It is absolutely stunning. She needs to get the footstool made so she can fit the cover to the stool.

Patty's new project is called Boston by Anne Bond of Visions of Ewe. I just love her colors!

I (Sylvia) ordered a footstool kit from Searsport Rug Hooking. It came with the pattern, wool, and stool parts. It was so nice for me to just start hooking and not have to color plan.  I love the fact that the top is removable so I can change to a different top with the season and it makes it easy to clean if I ever need to.

Before I started the footstool I finished my rug I call 30 Mile. It had the word Temperance on the bottom for the hotel sign it was designed from, I purchased the pattern from Two Old Crows
 I made this rug to honor my Great Grandfather Buckey who ran a stage stop called 30 Mile between Roundup and Billings Montana. My Grandmother Holliday even drove a stage a few times!
 For Easter I made the bunny and large egg designed by Ali Strebel.The small eggs were just drawn out and hooked by me. I downloaded an egg shape and went from there. They were all so cute in an Easter basket that was my husbands as a child.

I am now working on a footstool cover for an IKEA stool. I am taking an online course from Cindi Gay and the cover design is part of the class. I've gotten much further since this photo. It's such a pleasure to hook. I changed my house. 

Faye finished hooking her cover last month! She didn't get to come to the meeting but she was there in our hearts. Have you noticed we are all doing footstool covers? The last time Faye was with us in Cody we all decided to do footstools. The nice thing about the IKEA stool is that it is tall enough to sit on so I'm doing mine for extra seating. 

Carol was at the Library binding her Covered Bridge and Kathi brought her sewing machine and sewed. It was such a great time!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hooking Rugs for February

Carol and I were the only two at the Library Hook In for the month of February but we had a wonderful time just the same.

Carol is so close to being done with her Covered Bridge! She did such a fabulous job on this Big rug. Great Job Carol!

Since the last post I pulled out the background and rehooked it. The straight lines weren't giving me the look I wanted. For some reason I like this one better and that's what counts.

I'm hoping by next month some of our other ladies will be here to hook. We really missed them!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January at the Library Hook In

Patty, Carol, and I met at the Library Saturday for a fun day of hooking and catching up. It was a beautiful day and some of the snow we have been slammed with started to melt.
 Patty had started on her footstool designed by Kim Nixon, sold by Honey Bee Hive. Her background is a beautiful navy color.
 Patty brought her finished sunflower rug for us to see. It turned out wonderful Patty!!
 I haven't been working very much on my trade sign. In case you are wondering, I changed the title to 30 Mile Stage Stop. My great grandfather ran a stage stop between Roundup and Billings Montana. There was a salon, post office, and boarding house, and barn. My grandmother even drove a stagecoach before she was 16 years old.
Carol has her clouds all hooked and she is finishing up her sky. She has done such an amazing job on this rug.

We dearly missed our friends who were out of town and I hope Debra is back in time for our February meeting.

Times of our meetings and location are on the sidebar. We try for the third Sat. at the library but we can only book 3 months at a time so sometimes it's already taken. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!

Blog post by Sylvia Gauthier.

Monday, January 9, 2017

First Hook-In of 2017

Patty and Carol met at the Shell Church Friday to hook for our first Hook-In in 2017. I had planned to go but sometimes surprises crop up so I didn't go. I sure wish I could have.
 Since we had just hooked together there wasn't a lot of work that got done but Carol's sky is absolutely wonderful. She has really done a fantastic job on her rug.
Patty has finished her border since Friday. She was so nervous about running out of the border wool. She only had a 2" wide strip left of the border fabric. Whew! That's so close! Her rug turned out so wonderful!
Faye Schilling is in Arizona for the winter but she is still one of the Wild West Hookers and she finished her stool cover designed and color planned by Cindi Gay. This stool cover goes over an Ikea stool. Faye is such an amazing hooker.

Cindi has a class you can sign up for to make this stool cover and she walks you through color planning and putting the stool cover together Her website is probably the best instruction packed website I've ever seen. I'm always learning from her.

We will be hooking again this month on the 28th at the Library in Cody. I can't wait.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Last Hook-In in 2016

Patty, Carol, and I got together on Friday to hook in Shell, WY. It is always such a relaxing day when we hook there. The drive towards the mountain is always so beautiful.

 Patty is so close to being done with her sunflowers that she started at Prairie Rose Rug School. She is so happy with it and I can see why. It is turning out wonderful.

 I started the Tavern Sign, Temperance from Two Old Crows. My great grandfather had a stage stop between Billings and Roundup, MT so I decided to make the sign a tribute to him. It will say 30 Mile Stage Stop.

 Carol is now on the final leg of her rug. She only has sky left to hook. She has done such a wonderful job on this beautiful rug.

 This is my Antique Floral by Maggie Bonanomi. I am really happy with the way this turned out. My red shows a little darker than they are but you get the idea.

And this is my chair pad. I can't remember who's pattern this is right now. When I remember I'll change my post. I did change the chicken wing design.

We will be bringing in the New Year right by hooking again in Shell this Friday. We are taking advantage of school being out since Patty drives a school bus and because we don't hook in Cody until the 28th.

I hope everyone has a Blessed New Year. 2017 is going to be good.