Sunday, May 11, 2014

Antique Rugs

Sherring Burke from Shell, Wyoming, a friend of Patty Tyrrell, has some wonderful old hooked rugs that she was willing to share.
This is a rug Sherring purchased. I love the simplicity of the design and the color combinations. It shows that a design doesn't need to be completely filled in with elements to be an effective design.
This is another of Sherring's antique rugs. Her grandfather had this rug in his cabin so it was used for many years. Again, such a simple design with so much impact.

Sherring purchased this rug showing maple syrup production in Vermont. She sure has a great eye for old rugs!

Now this is a rug given to my friend Kathi Charles by a real estate client of hers.  His mother hooked the rug but it needs help on the edges. Kathi is going to add rug tape to the back to stabilize the edges which are rotting away. Besides being a great design, I love how the hooker chose to hook the inside frames.
There is so much we can learn by looking at the old "Masters" of rug hooking.