Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Big Horn Hook-In

It's Official! Katie Hartner of Woolley Fox/ A Nimble Thimble will be our guest vendor at the Big Horn Hook-In in beautiful Shell, Wyoming September 20-23 2019. Shell Campground is reserving spots until July 1st. Be sure to reserve your seat at the hook-in, in Shell Hall, and your cabin, camping spot, or tent space at the Shell Campground or stay at a motel in Greybull, 16 minutes away.

We hope you and your family will enjoy this destination Hook-In. Our goal is to make this a vacation for you and you your family if you choose. There are so many things to see and do in the Big Horn Mountains that we hope you will extend your stay and enjoy the beauty around you. 
Katie Hartner has graciously accepted our invitation as our Vendor for this 3 day event. She is one of the most amazing color planner I have ever seen, and her selection of wool and patterns can't be beat. We couldn't be happier to have her.
If you live near by and only want to come shop for a day there is a $20 cover charge for the day which includes lunch.
Please come join in with us in Shell Wyoming at the Shell Hall Sept. 20-23, 2019

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Wild West Rug Hookers in Denver

Three of us were lucky enough to attend the Colorado ATHA Hook In in Denver. It is always a great time with many wonderful vendors.
 Hand woven baskets by Village Crafters is always a big hit. We always have some we bring home.
 Theresa Rapstine had wonderful wools and of course her patterns, which I can't resist!
 Here are two more of Theresa's rugs on the floor. She will be one of the teachers at the ATHA Biennial in Denver.
 Judy Cripps is always the busiest booth at the hook-in. She brings a lot of wool and patterns!
This is part of the Gatherings booth. They sell Maggie Bonanomi patterns among many other items.
 Here are some of the wonderful women there. Last I heard there were 129 in attendance. Their door prizes were the wool trees on the tables. There were a lot of beautiful fall colored ones.
 Here is part of Baa Ram Ewe's booth. I always seem to find a pattern here. Patty came home  with this cute floral pattern.
Tonya also has cute benches and patterns for sale.
 I apologize for not remembering whose table this is. Very cute pillows.
 Here's just a couple of the silent auction items out of Many!
 I had a lot of fun taking to this woman and several others who sat by me during the day. I'm working on Sharon Smith's Eiffel Tower. 
 I can't remember whose table this was but it is an incredible assortment of hand dyed wool!
Patty got the pattern for this cute sheep in Judy Cripps booth.

Patty, Debra, and I had a wonderful time. On Friday we hit IKEA and bought so many treasures we weren't sure how we were going to fit on the way home but thank goodness I have a large trunk in my Taurus.

We are looking forward to next year and especially the Biennial!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Shell Wyoming Day of Rug Hooking

What an exciting day we had in Shell Wyoming Saturday! The weather was perfect for driving and we had our largest group EVER! We had a total of 7 for the day!
All the work we have done at the Festival in Thermopolis is paying off.  Kim was interested in hooking and drove to Shell to buy one of our beginner kits and learn to hook AND a woman who is working at the Shell Campground this summer came by to learn too. Two new hookers!!
 It was especially good to see Carol (left) who is not only struggling with cancer, but broke her hip. She has been through so much and it's so nice to see her still hooking.
 Faye came for the first time since last year. She brought her Stone House Runner and Patty brought hers. Isn't it amazing how similar and yet different they are!
Fay designed this beautiful stool cover. Hers is the shorter one. I wanted to copy hers and close as possible and Patty got creative with hers. They are so pretty together like that!
The original shape is from Cindy Gay's Ikea Stool Course.

We didn't get pictures of what everyone was working on but the day was filled with teaching, laughter, and fun.

There is one extra day added to our schedule with one more day of hooking in Shell on September 29th.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rug Hooking Fun

There were three of us hooking at the Library in Cody, WY Saturday. We had a lot to discuss at our meeting. We would like to start a Hook-In Camping weekend next summer in the Shell Campground. Shell, WY is nestled just off the Big Horn Mountains. It is truly one of the most beautiful little towns. There are a couple of cabins for those who don't have campers or tents and we want to make it a fun weekend for the husbands and kids too. The campground is right along the river and trout fishing is right at your fingertips. We have a lot to do to prepare for this event, like a vendor or two, but I know it will be a GREAT time for all who attend.

Debra is getting so close to finishing her Beverly Conway rug she started in the class at Old Faithful Rug Hooking Retreat in Cody, WY with Diane Stoffel as her teacher. It is so elegant looking. I know she is very happy with it.
Patty worked on the rug she started at Prairie Rose Rug School in Richardton, ND. Her teacher was Nancy Gingrich. The flowers in the fields and the river turned into a road are wonderful touches that makes this rug unlike any of the others we've seen. Don't you just love the blue house? Her pattern is from Woolley Fox.
I decided I'd better get busy on the purse I will be finishing in Carrie Martin's class at the Denver Hook In. The event is put on by the COATHA group and it is by far the most fun I've ever had at a Hook In. Okay, so it's the only Hook In I've ever been to, but it's still the most fun!
We are working hard to bring rug hooking to more people in Wyoming. Our Facebook page has been successful in finding another rug hooker in Gillette, WY. We hope to meet her soon.

Debra also finished her Saddle Up by Pine Island Primitives. It is truly stunning! I love the directional hooking.

Be sure you check out our Facebook page Wild West Rug Hookers and join our group. We want to hear from you!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Demonstrating Rug Hooking in Wyoming

We had a very successful weekend demonstrating in the Master Craftsman Tent at the Folk Festival in Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming. We considered this our most successful event so far.
 Visitors at our booth not only learned about the history of rug hooking in North America, but were able, this year, to get them the tools they needed to start hooking right away. We had several beginner kits available for purchase that have everything they need to complete a mat except a hoop and a hook. We also sold the Moshimer hooks. We had several sign up for our Newsletters.
 In the very right hand corner you can see the mug rugs made by Debra that were for sale. Behind Debra you can see two of her rugs. Patty's footstool is peaking out from under the table.
 Debra was so happy to show the process of rug hooking to anyone who stopped by.
 Here is a woman who was very interested in our craft. Notice the Lincoln Bag of Patty's next to her chair. It is all hand hooked!
 You can see some of our kits available for anyone wanting to learn how to hook. Our favorite customer was an adorable little 10 year old girl. Her mom was a vendor at the fair so we lent her a hoop and she hooked the afternoon away. She was a natural! Her mom also got a kit and they will hopefully come to one of our hooking days at the Library in Cody.
 Patty is telling a visitor about the history of rug hooking.
It was so nice to show so many people, who had never seen rug hooking before, what we do and promoting rug hooking not only in Wyoming, but to people from all over the world. We had the most amazing time and we even learned from other craftsman as well. Debra and I came home with beads and jewelry from a wonderful woman who demonstrated Lampwork glass beads.

A Native American sang songs beating one of the drums his son had made. His son Cole demonstrated his drum making ability while his father told stories and sang. Cole is learning the craft of making drums from his father through the Mentor-ship Program through the Wyoming Arts Council. Now the Lone Bear family will be known as the drum makers of the Shoshone tribe.

Von Ringler showed leather work and sold his amazing goods. There were two men tying flies, and a woman demonstrating horse hair braiding. The booths were filled with art, jewelry, crocheted rugs, hand made goats milk soaps and lotions, and many many other things. Music and stories are always going and the food and drink vendors are SO good!

This is an event that is definitely worth traveling to!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rug Hooking in Cody, WY

Three of us met at the Park Co. Library in Cody Saturday and we all had such a good time. Patty was working on the footstool that was designed by Faye Schilling using Cindi Gay's Ikea stool pattern outline.
I love her Mountain Bluebirds so much. She had built a Mountain Bluebird bird house a few years ago and this year was the first year she actually had the bluebirds nest in it. This is the perfect way to have the bluebirds with her all year long. Faye designed a wonderful stool cover and Patty is hooking it beautifully, as always.
Debra was working on the rug she started at Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway right here in Cody Wyoming at the historic Irma Hotel! Diane Stoffel was her teacher and Debra is hooking this in a very wide cut. It is so beautiful. I wish the colors turned out better on my phone camera. The basket is just stunning with the colors she used.
 I (Sylvia) finished hooking the rug I started at the Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway and I was whip stitching the outer border. I wish (again) that the colors had turned out better. My quail and inside border are much prettier.

The weather was perfect for traveling since both ladies come quite a distance to come hook. As I always say, we are so blessed to have such a great group of women.

We will be demonstrating rug hooking at the Festival in Thermopolis Wyoming on August 4th and 5th. It is a wonderful festival with so much fun for everyone of all ages. We would love to see you there! Just look for the Wild West Rug Hooker sign in the BIG tent.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Beautiful Day In Shell, Wyoming

We had a wonderful day of rug hooking in beautiful Shell Wyoming. Debra, Patty, and I held our very first meeting of the Wild West Rug Hookers Guild. We are in the process of joining ATHA . One of the other ways we have tried to reach new and existing hookers is by having a Facebook page. Please come join it at Wild West Rug Hookers.
Debra is working on her saddle blanket designed by Sally Kalin. I just love the directional hooking she is doing . 
 Patty is working on a footstool cover designed by Faye Schilling. It is truly beautiful. I just love her color choices.
 Patty also send a picture of her Stonehouse Runner, by The Old Tattered Flag, beside her bed. It looks like a picture from a magazine! Beautiful work Patty!
I am still working on my Birds and Berries by Bea Brock. I started it at Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway with Carrie Martin as my teacher.

We had a visit from our dear friend Carol who has been going through Chemo for Mesothelioma. It was wonderful to get to see her. She looked surprisingly well for all she is going through. Prayers are always welcome for her recovery.

And another Debra came by for a visit and ended up buying a kit that Debra I. and I have made up for beginner hookers. She sat and hooked with us for awhile and Debra I, gave her a lot of pointers on hooking.

One of the things we felt was important was for us to have beginner kits ready when we demonstrate at different venues. Debra and I designed some kits, cut the wool for them, and include some directions. Hopefully they will make it easier for beginners to start hooking.
Debra designed the buffalo. It is a finished 10"x10".
 She also designed this adorable old Cowboy design. I just love the colors she chose.
 Her daisy is just as adorable.
 I designed a kitty in the penny flowers.
 And the sheep eating the flowers.
Debra also designed this wonderful star.

Another thing we have done is get our own email address at wildwestrughookers@yahoo.com. We have sure come a long way from a few years ago. I hope we continue to grow and for rug hooking to grow too.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway in Cody, WY

So much has happened since the last post. Several of us attended the Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway, for 5 days, right here in Cody, WY! Carrie Martin puts on incredible camps that she calls Destination Hooking. Her camps are centered around destination vacation places such as Santa Fe NM, New Orleans LA, and Savannah GA.
Most of the women attending brought their husbands who enjoyed the sights in and around Cody why the women hooked. It was nothing for someone to take off so they could see the Buffalo Bill Museum which is 7 museums in one, or to take a day to see to Yellowstone National Park.  Some even came earlier so they could vacation before the camp. No matter what, they all had the BEST time.
 Carrie Martin and Diane Stoffel brought a room full of wool, hand dyed and off the bolt. There were so many wonderful choices!
Diane Stoffel is such a prolific rug hooking teacher with amazing skill for color as is Carrie Martin. Both are extraordinary teachers and bring a wealth of information with them and they are both so much fun .  Here is Dianne with Laurie from North Carolina as her mother, Janice from Texas, looks on.
The room we met in every day at the historic Irma Hotel is called the Governors Room. The Irma Hotel was built by Buffalo Bill Cody and named after his daughter Irma. The owners have been very careful to keep the Irma historic including many of the rooms. 

Janice, is showing visitors Carole from CA's rug. We were able to teach rug hooking and its history to SO many wonderful people who stopped in to see what we were doing. Travelers from all over the world were curious about what we were doing.

This is another view of the room. Notice the beautiful fireplace at the end. That's me in the black and Peggy from Montana across the table from me. Debra from Shell WY is talking to Dianne Stoffel, and Thirza from Kansas is across from them..
Here is another view of the room. Patty seems to be missing from these pictures but she is here somewhere. Carrie Martin is helping Sue from Montana as Marsha from Pennsylvanian hooks on. 

 Debra from Clark WY is busy working on a flower.
 Patty and Thirza posed form me to get their picture to send to our friend Faye who didn't make it this year.
 Peggy from Montana is working hard on the water in the ship rug.
This is another rug Laurie from North Caroling was working on during the camp.
 This is Morris Bunny by Honey Beehive being hooked by Carole from California.
 Debra, from Clark WY is hooking this beautiful floral designed by Beverly Conway.
 These are some of the rugs brought by Carrie Martin. The runner on the left is a design hooked by Patty from Shell, WY. The design is by The Old Tattered Flag.
 Here if an amazing design being hooked by Janice from Texas. The bird is a design from David Galchutt.
Laurie from North Caroling was working on Yellow Bird designed by Ann Willey available at Spruce Ridge Studios
Marsha from Pennsylvania is hooking an old postcard. I am pretty sure this rug is from Cushings.
Colette from Connecticut worked on this great rug from Carrie Martin, One Rug Two Rug. 
 Patty from Shell is hooking this design by Bea Brock sold by I Love Rug Hooking. I can't wait to see it finished!
 Peggy from Montana has done an outstanding job on this ship she is hooking for her son.
 Sue from Montana is working on Old Home Place designed by Carrie Martin, One Rug Two Rug.
 I, Sylvia, from Cody, WY am working on Birds and Berries by Bea Brock, I Love Rug Hooking.
And Thirza from Kansas is working on this wonderful Native American. Again, I don't know the designer. 

For the first year we didn't have as many rug hooker as we would have liked but it was a very warm friendly group and I truly miss every single one of the ladies. They were a great group and so were their husbands. Next years camp will probably be in September and The Wild West Rug Hookers will be so happy to co-host the event with One Rug Two Rug, Carrie Martin.  We truly hope you can come and enjoy the fun, and bring your family!