Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rug Hooking Rules

I read a post on Cindy Gay's blog that I found to be very interesting. It basically stated that the main rule in rug hooking is to do what feels right to you.

I heard a comment once about a famous hooker who's work I adore. The woman making the comment said that she had a friend who saw one of Miss Famous's work once and it was technically horrible. I remember thinking that the way Miss Famous hooks is what makes her rugs so unique. As Cindy Gay mentioned on her blog, no one ever criticizes and artist on how they painted a painting or looks at the back of the painting.

There is always more than one way to hook a tree, or a sky, or a chicken. Each individual will find their own style. As a beginner I believe there are basic techniques that need  learning.  We can't say, for instance, that all stitches "have" to be the same height, for on a Waldoboro style rug the loops are sculpted.  Sometimes the tails need to be hidden, other times it really doesn't matter. If the tails bother you, hide them. If not, don't.

We should all try to learn as much about a craft as possible, but rules are meant to be broken. We learn to use only 100% wool, but yet in Patty Tyrrell's rug, Quaint Town, the church window was hooked with a sparkly ribbon that made the stained glass stand out. The Greenfell rugs all use nylons. Rug hookers are learning to use other fibers besides wool to create the desired effect they want to achieve.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with perfection. Seeing a perfectly hooked rug is like seeing a famous painting. But next to it can be a rug that broke all the rules, which is just as breathtaking. It all boils down to doing what makes you happy.

Post written by Sylvia Gauthier

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