Friday, June 8, 2018

Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway in Cody, WY

So much has happened since the last post. Several of us attended the Old Faithful Rug Hooking Getaway, for 5 days, right here in Cody, WY! Carrie Martin puts on incredible camps that she calls Destination Hooking. Her camps are centered around destination vacation places such as Santa Fe NM, New Orleans LA, and Savannah GA.
Most of the women attending brought their husbands who enjoyed the sights in and around Cody why the women hooked. It was nothing for someone to take off so they could see the Buffalo Bill Museum which is 7 museums in one, or to take a day to see to Yellowstone National Park.  Some even came earlier so they could vacation before the camp. No matter what, they all had the BEST time.
 Carrie Martin and Diane Stoffel brought a room full of wool, hand dyed and off the bolt. There were so many wonderful choices!
Diane Stoffel is such a prolific rug hooking teacher with amazing skill for color as is Carrie Martin. Both are extraordinary teachers and bring a wealth of information with them and they are both so much fun .  Here is Dianne with Laurie from North Carolina as her mother, Janice from Texas, looks on.
The room we met in every day at the historic Irma Hotel is called the Governors Room. The Irma Hotel was built by Buffalo Bill Cody and named after his daughter Irma. The owners have been very careful to keep the Irma historic including many of the rooms. 

Janice, is showing visitors Carole from CA's rug. We were able to teach rug hooking and its history to SO many wonderful people who stopped in to see what we were doing. Travelers from all over the world were curious about what we were doing.

This is another view of the room. Notice the beautiful fireplace at the end. That's me in the black and Peggy from Montana across the table from me. Debra from Shell WY is talking to Dianne Stoffel, and Thirza from Kansas is across from them..
Here is another view of the room. Patty seems to be missing from these pictures but she is here somewhere. Carrie Martin is helping Sue from Montana as Marsha from Pennsylvanian hooks on. 

 Debra from Clark WY is busy working on a flower.
 Patty and Thirza posed form me to get their picture to send to our friend Faye who didn't make it this year.
 Peggy from Montana is working hard on the water in the ship rug.
This is another rug Laurie from North Caroling was working on during the camp.
 This is Morris Bunny by Honey Beehive being hooked by Carole from California.
 Debra, from Clark WY is hooking this beautiful floral designed by Beverly Conway.
 These are some of the rugs brought by Carrie Martin. The runner on the left is a design hooked by Patty from Shell, WY. The design is by The Old Tattered Flag.
 Here if an amazing design being hooked by Janice from Texas. The bird is a design from David Galchutt.
Laurie from North Caroling was working on Yellow Bird designed by Ann Willey available at Spruce Ridge Studios
Marsha from Pennsylvania is hooking an old postcard. I am pretty sure this rug is from Cushings.
Colette from Connecticut worked on this great rug from Carrie Martin, One Rug Two Rug. 
 Patty from Shell is hooking this design by Bea Brock sold by I Love Rug Hooking. I can't wait to see it finished!
 Peggy from Montana has done an outstanding job on this ship she is hooking for her son.
 Sue from Montana is working on Old Home Place designed by Carrie Martin, One Rug Two Rug.
 I, Sylvia, from Cody, WY am working on Birds and Berries by Bea Brock, I Love Rug Hooking.
And Thirza from Kansas is working on this wonderful Native American. Again, I don't know the designer. 

For the first year we didn't have as many rug hooker as we would have liked but it was a very warm friendly group and I truly miss every single one of the ladies. They were a great group and so were their husbands. Next years camp will probably be in September and The Wild West Rug Hookers will be so happy to co-host the event with One Rug Two Rug, Carrie Martin.  We truly hope you can come and enjoy the fun, and bring your family!